Main Floor & Downstairs Lounge

Knuckle Down Showdown
1:30pm Doors | $10 Cover

2:00pm The Mighty Nothings
2:40pm Inverted Planets
3:20pm Necrotic Society
4:00pm A Very Special Episode
4:40pm Trunk Ride
5:20pm Haleboop Astronauts
6:00pm Boardwalk Kings
6:40pm Haunted Hacienda
7:20pm Johnny Football Hero
8:00pm Left in the Attic
8:40pm Amber Lamps
9:20pm The Avoiders
10:00pm The Rebellion Lost
10:40pm Iconicide
11:20pm Typhoid Rosie

Downstairs Lounge

2:10pm Recreational Outrage
2:50pm League of Pity
3:30pm The Car Bomb Parade
4:10pm Uncle Djuzeppe
4:50pm Skum City
5:30pm Agony Kings
6:10pm Lucky33
6:50pm All Things End
7:30pm But, Pyrite
8:10pm Bedpan Fight
8:50pm Hopeless Otis
9:30pm Entropy
10:10pm 42 Grams of Heart Attack
10:50pm Point Blank
11:30pm Spike Polite/Sewage